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Nomi is the best-selling author of seven novels, one work of non-fiction, two volumes of poetry, and hundreds of articles. She lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada with her adopted Maltese, Mini, and volunteers her writing skills to animal rescue groups in Canada and the USA.

Sadder words were never spoken. WHY? Because an errand meant to take that proverbial minute is 60 seconds too long when a dog is left unattended in a hot car. WHY? Because, even on mild summer days, with a car parked

As creatures of habit who crave their creature comforts, dogs don’t always make the best road trip companions. But by mapping out your dog’s trip along with your own, you can curtail his bad “backseat driver” behavior, and turn a potentially

A single bite from a single infected mosquito can cause an otherwise healthy dog to develop heartworm disease and potentially die. A heartworm is a parasitic worm (Dirofilaria immitis) that lives in the heart and pulmonary arteries of an affected dog.

With the arrival of spring comes the arrival of an annoying and possibly fatal pest: the tick. While ticks aren’t generally a problem in Colorado, exercise caution on trips to the high country to keep from returning with any unwelcome “hitchhikers.”

Has your dog suddenly started scratching himself or biting certain areas of his body? Chewing on his feet? Rubbing his face back and forth across the carpet? If so, he may be suffering from seasonal allergies. These reactions to an obvious,