Rabies Vaccination

You probably know that your vet recommends vaccinating your pet for rabies. While there are not a huge number of rabies cases in pets in the United States, skipping out on the rabies shot is not a matter to be taken lightly. Here are a few compelling reasons to keep your dog, cat, or ferret current on its vaccines:

Rabies is zoonotic. A zoonotic disease is one that is transmissible to people. This deadly disease is not one to fool around with. When a person is exposed to rabies, it can take months to know that anything is even wrong. Once symptoms do occur, though, the disease is usually fatal. Death occurs within 10 days from the onset of symptoms. According to the CDC, over 55,000 people die per year due to rabies!

Unvaccinated animals that are potentially exposed to a rabid animal are recommended by the CDC to be euthanized. Rabies is totally preventable. There is no reason for this to even be an option for your pet.

While you may think that your pet seldom or never spends time outdoors, the truth is that rabies can find its way into your house. A bat or raccoon that makes its way into your home could potentially expose even animals that spend all or most of their time indoors.

Pets get out as well, and we never know when our homes could be affected by an unfortunate event such as a house fire or a natural disaster. There is no cure for rabies, but you can definitely prevent it.

Finally, it is the law. Colorada and virtually all other states/local governments have laws applying to, and often mandating, rabies vaccination for pets. Animals that are not current on their vaccinations may be subject to fines or quarantine.

With all of these risks, why take a chance when vaccination is so quick and easy.