Volunteer Opportunities

Chihuahua & Small Dog Rescue, Inc., is an all-volunteer organization. There are no paid positions and we rely on our dedicated volunteers to make all the programs work – and to save lives.

Opportunities to Help CSDR

Below is a list of some of the opportunities that are available at Chihuahua & Small Dog Rescue, Inc. (CSDR).

Administrative Work From Home: Do you have time to help, but can only help from home? Not a problem. We have the perfect opportunity for you. You can return phone calls, do reference checks, and help with scheduling.

Adoption Follow Up: Perfect job from home, checking on our little ones after they have been adopted. This is a very time-sensitive position as we like to catch any potential problems before they start. We need people who can complete the calls within 2 days of the adoption.

Adoption Meet & Greets: Do you like to be with little ones? Do you like to talk? Well, you can do both all rolled up in one. Help at our Meet & Greet adoption events. You would handle dogs, take them for
walks and talk to potential adopters or volunteers. Give them information about us and answer questions that they may have. We hold Meet & Greets on Saturdays and Sundays.

Committee Member: Join one of our committees to help keep things running smoothly and brainstorm on new ideas. Committees available, fundraising, grant writing, marketing, public relations, volunteer, events, and research. You would be helping to shape our programs and services.

Dog Trainer: Help our little ones become the best they can be.

Education & Outreach:
Help educate the public on pet ownership responsibility, spay/neutering, microchipping, etc.

Events & Fundraising: Are you looking for a way to spread the word about the wonderful furry friends available for adoption at CSDR? Community Events Volunteers set up informational tables at a variety of settings. When a request comes up we will email you to check your availability to attend, you can say yes or no depending on whether or not you can accommodate the request on any given day. From local retirement community to Bark in the Park, CSDR is there to educate the public about our services!

Foster Parent: Foster parents are the backbone of Chihuahua & Small Dog Rescue. As a foster parent you are literally saving lives. You will open your home and heart to a little furry friend in need and provide him or her a safe loving home until a forever home can be found. You will be responsible for the usual duties – feeding, grooming and exercise – as well as for bringing the foster dog to vet appointments and to our adoption events. You will be involved in the adoption screening process. Chihuahua & Small Dog Rescue pays for all of the dog’s medical costs, we will never ask you to pay first and then we reimbursement you.

Grooming: Grooming of any long-haired dogs that come into the organization, so that they shine and feel good about themselves.

Home Visits: This job involves setting up visits and visiting the homes of applicants in your area that are going through the application review & interview process. You would call the applicant, go to their home, and, using a set of guidelines provided by CSDR, help to ensure that our little one will be going to a safe and loving home.

Newsletter: Extra, extra, read all about it! Do you like working behind the scenes? Newsletter Assistants give to the animals by printing copies, filing, stuffing envelopes and helping with other communications that share our amazing adoption stories with CSDR supporters!

Photography: We place photos of each and every little one in the organization on our website when they are ready for adoption. By helping our foster parents get that terrific photo you will be so proud when that very special picture brings our little one together with his/her forever parents!

We want the public to know we are the Best Place to Adopt a Pet. When they go to our site we want those photos to POP and reflect the wonderful personalities of each animal. A picture is worth a thousand words! Say Kibble!

Social Media: Help provide content to maintain Facebook, Twitter, etc, that is being done.

Tabling/Agency Fairs: Are you a work-from-home individual, are you retired, or do you work evenings? This opportunity is during the week during the hours of 9:00 and 5:00 Monday through Fridays. You will setup an informational table at various government agencies to inform them of who we are, what we do, and what their donation would do to help our little ones. This volunteer opportunity is only during the months of September – December.

Transportation: Have you ever wished your backseat driver could only say “Woof”? Animal transporters help our little ones get to the groomer, to veterinary appointments, to a foster home, and to many other important destinations! Signing up for this position means you agree to be on the on-call list. When a request comes up, you can say yes or no depending on whether or not you can accommodate the request on any given day. Become a chauffeur for the coolest dogs in town!

Website Support: Help with maintaining the website and finding content to improve the website. Help with editing the site for spelling and grammar errors. Help with updates.